January 26, 2015

Some fun intel for Shadowrunners

For those new to the shadows...here's some fun stuff to check out:

When the Shadowrun Hong Kong Kickstarter hits $700,000 I'll add a new link to another AWESOME Shadowrun web-comic! ^_^

And here it is, Chummers!
...along with Blade's Introduction to Shadowrun fan web-comic. Enjoy! http://www.matrixsprawl.net/2015/01/an-introduction-to-shadowrun-fan-web.html

A Night's Work - 1990 promo for the Shadowrun tabletop RPG

A TOTALLY WIZ fan-made modern video remix Shadowrun intro

The free Shadowrun Primer .pdf

The Shadowrun Lore Guide on Youtube

A SUH-WHEEET Shadowrun fan-made comic

Jordan and Mitch from HBS Let's Plays of some early User Generated Content for Shadowrun Returns, and more! ^_^

And let's not forget, Opti's Neo-Anarchy Shadowrun Podcast!

It's a history of events in the Shadowrun universe, told from the perspective of an in-universe character. This link is to the first episode, and it gets better from here, moving through the Shadowrun timeline with each new episode, and it's really really well done. ^_^

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